Scam Information

Stratos Network (STRATOS)

Total Scam

$ 70,000


bsc BSC


Detail Scam

Tocken: 0x45B8299C9982d3d7A6Cbf963d90F2f696EE37BbE Only certain addresses buy and sell this coin, thus increasing the price until at a certain point all listed coins are sold. This scam has already been pulled off by the trading addresses for at least 25 other coins. And this is the address that finances it: 0x49526d93DCE2Ab3374bEeEEF4D858eFb8c25dF56

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Scam Function
Trade on PancakeSwap Pair: 0xb066dfc3292307ac27889122bd44e03b2ad51037 Slippage Tolerance needs to be increased (>50%), but the system only allows a maximum of 50%.
Flag: Critical