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$ 160,000


bsc BSC


Detail Scam

Tocken: 0x52Dab83C25E3E9B2DD4664bdD852Ff36c2aCA5dd Only certain addresses buy and sell this coin, thus increasing the price until at a certain point all listed coins are sold. This scam has already been pulled off by the trading addresses for at least 23 other coins. And this is the address that finances it: 0x49526d93DCE2Ab3374bEeEEF4D858eFb8c25dF56

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Scam Function
Trade on PancakeSwap Pair: 0x8e5d0dffcae2390312b72aa0ec8dcb41030864a2 Slippage Tolerance needs to be increased (>50%), but the system only allows a maximum of 50%.
Flag: Critical